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1895: Angie Means stands on a giant Amazonian water lily pad, Victoria regia, in the Phipps Conservatory's Victoria room.


Rilakkuma Capsule Chocolate (by Alisa TokyoSelect)

(via dollneedle)


Zanna Van Vorstenbosch by Jamie Nelson



Bacteriography by Zachary Copfer

Copfer on his work:

During my graduate research I invented a new medium that combines photographic processes with microbiological practices. I have coined the process bacteriography. Bacteriography consists of shooting radiation through a negative on to a petri dish covered with bacteria. The end product is a plate of bacteria that have grown to form a photographic image. The process is very similar to darkroom photography only the enlarger has been replaced by a radiation source and instead of photo sensitive paper this process uses a petri dish coated with a living bacterial emulsion

// neat technique, will be cooler to see more interesting original designs